Proxies24 Privacy Policy

The following page outlines the Privacy Policy of and specifies our stance when it comes to the collection, disclosure and security of information. Please note, that we reserve the right to amend, add or delete from this Privacy Policy at any time without notice being provided. In using our website or proxies, you unequivocally accept our Privacy Policy. If you wish to view the most up to date policy at any time, it can be found at this webpage.

Data Security

Data protection is a top priority at We ensure that all data that is stored is securely encrypted, with only authorised staff members having access to the database in which information is stored in. This extends to the transmission of data over our webpages, which we have secured to ensure that data transfer cannot be easily intercepted by unauthorised or illegal means. We endeavour to make sure that the integrity of our systems is always the most important thing and have spent a significant amount in maintaining our security systems and network.

As a result, whilst we do not guarantee that unauthorised third parties cannot illegally gain access to sensitive information, we do have various security protocols in place should this occur. You understand that there is a risk that a breach could occur, and this risk is assumed by you. We cannot and do not take any liability for sensitive information that is leaked, stolen or otherwise from unauthorised third parties.

Collection and Use of Sensitive Information requires the collection of certain information to ensure the smooth running and security of our systems and network. As such, we will collect basic user information during purchase of packages, such as your name, email address, IP address, time of payment and payment identification number. Furthermore, we will also log each time you enter the dashboard or when the API is used. This will be connected to your token which we have matched with your account and will enable us to determine if there has been a breach of our Terms of Service when multiple IP addresses are linked to a single account or token.

There are times when we collect non-sensitive information about user’s activities on our website – these are only ever used for our own statistics and reviews in order to improve our website.

Cookies are stored from our website, despite their minimal use, and in using our website you agree to the collection and storage of these cookies.

Disclosure of Information Policy uses a third party independent payment processor in order to facilitate all purchases of our packages and services. As such, information such as your name, email address, IP address, time of payment and payment identification number will be shared with our payment processor if need be. Any further information through the payment processor is not seen, collected or stored by us and we have no access to it whatsoever.

We take your data protection and sensitivity very seriously, and as such, we will not sell or disclose your information to third parties for our own benefit. The only official form of communication you will receive from us will be at the creation of your account and purchase of a subscription, and a notification, via email, the day before your subscription expires as a reminder to renew your token. From time to time we may send you promotional emails to keep you up to date with the various offers we have running on our services and products at

There may be situations where we are required to share your personal details with third parties, such as relevant law enforcement agencies. If we believe that it is reasonably necessary to comply with law enforcement or other regulatory bodies, we may do so without your prior consent or notice. This is to prevent unscrupulous behaviour including, but not limited to, fraud, security breaches or protecting the rights and assets of The disclosure of sensitive information to relevant organisations or authorities is up to the sole discretion of the management of, who’s decision on whether or not the information we have collected will be shared or not is final.