Proxies24 Terms of Service

The following Terms of Service (herein, “Terms”) outline the relationship between Proxies24 and you (herein, “The Client”). In accessing and using our website, along with any of the services we provide, you unequivocally give your full consent to acceptable of these Terms and agree that you are bound in law to them. If you do not agree to these terms, you may not use this website, or the services provided by Proxies24.

Please note that Proxies24 reserves the right to add, amend or delete parts of these Terms without prior notice to The Client, and in continuing to use our services you agree to any changes made. This page serves as the most up to date version of our URL and takes precedent over any other version.

Service Description

Proxies24 provides a service whereby we scan the network on an hourly basis in order to give The Client access to an up to date list of public and private proxies. Packages are subscription based on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Once a purchase of a subscription has been made, The Client will get an email containing a token combined with a confirmation link. Upon clicking that confirmation link, the lifetime of that subscription will commence.

Access to the API is only available to Clients on a yearly package. This can be found within the dashboard by accessing a token. There is no limitation of the number of requests to the API.

Please note that Proxies24 do not provide any guarantee with the proxy lists provided. The only circumstance in which a refund may be considered is when a technical problem with the website occurs. In order to claim a refund, sufficient proof must be provided of the technical issue in question to one of our support team.

Terms of Usage
Any Client who uses our website or purchases one of our packages agrees to abide by the following:

  • Agree that all payments are final, and refunds may only be possible where a technical problem with the website has occurred. Any attempt to charge back a payment will result in termination of a package, and a permanent ban from this service and our other products.
  • Under no circumstances may you share your token or the proxies that we provide. Your token is unique to you and sharing it, along with the proxy lists you have access to, will result in termination of your package, and a permanent ban from this service and our other products.
  • Further to the above point, it is against our terms of service to resell or rent your token to other people. If you are found to be sharing your token, this will result in termination of your package, and a permanent ban from this service and our other products.
  • You agree to take full responsibility and liability for your actions when using our product. Proxies24 do not condone use of our proxies for any illegitimate or abusive reasons and will cooperate fully with the appropriate authorities should we be required to. Any actions that occur whilst using our proxies remain the sole liability of The Client.
  • Any abuse of the system will result in an immediate termination of your package and a permanent ban from this service and our other products.
  • Proxies24 have the right to change the pricing of our packages at any time without prior notice to the customer. In the case of a price increase, no effect will be had on any packages bought prior to this increase and the duration of their package will remain the same.
  • Proxies24 have the right to change their terms of service without notice, as well as any part of the website.
  • You understand that in using any of our proxies, you will not own them but instead will simply have the opportunity to use them as provided by us.
  • Activities which are forbidden include, but are not limited to, sending Spam, obtaining unauthorized access to other computers, systems or databases, the violation of any law in your jurisdiction, hacking, DoS attacks or causing harm or otherwise damaging a person or their reputation.
Disclaimer of Warranties

Proxies24 do not directly own the proxies or servers that we provide The Client with. Our website runs a service which scans proxies from a variety of public and private sources, providing lists that are freshly checked by our system for the convenience of our customers.

Whilst we do pride ourselves on the quality of our proxies and the speed with which we are able to update our lists, we do not provide any sort of guarantee regarding the proxies as they are not owned nor controlled by us. This includes, but is not limited to

  • A minimum number of proxies available at any time;
  • The countries in which proxies are available;
  • The minimal uptime or speed of the proxies provided by us;
  • The proxies available to you being suitable for the needs you require them for;
  • The proxies available to you not being servers which log their use;
  • The proxies available to you being available in every location and not blocked;

Furthermore, use of our proxies means that you agree to indemnify Proxies24 from all consequences that result from your actions. You are solely responsible for any data losses or damage to your computer system, or other consequences that follow from use of our proxies.

We do however provide the guarantee that all proxies on the list are working at the time the list was last updated.

Limitation of Liability

You understand that Proxies24 merely provides a service whereby fresh lists of proxy servers are provided to paying customers. Under no circumstances may we be held responsible for your actions when using these proxies and are not liable for any form of damages whatsoever. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Downtime with our website, both planned and unplanned;
  • Loss of data, time or other damages when using our software
  • Any other form of damages sought after through use of our website.

In using our services you agree unequivocally to these terms and conditions, which we reserve the right to alter at any point in time.